You know what you want to do- the business you want to create—it’s the how that’s tripping you up.

You're ready to serve your ideal client, reaching her with your products that you know she's looking for, but you're not totally clear on any of the "other" details.  

There are endless resources on the internet, but the overwhelm has taken over and you just need direction on how to start (or re-start). 

You're frustrated seeing your peers start their businesses in what seems to be "total ease" while you're still scrolling the internet trying to put all the pieces together.
I know the feeling, I was there once too....

The (many) sleepless nights were totally getting to me and I was asking questions without getting ANY answers. WHY did this seem so hard for me. 

Here's the thing, you CAN start your own business and you will make this dream a reality. It's not hard, but it does require strategy. 

I've started and run five businesses in my life, each one unique and different from the one before it, and each one teaching me something else I needed to know. Whether they were lessons learned the hard way or golden nuggets figured out by tossing my hair up, sliding on my glasses, and putting my head down til I found the answer. And now, I'm giving those lessons to you. 


That's why I put together this 7-module course.   

Here's the thing: the way I see it, if you're going to do something, you might as well do it right. The hard part is, next to no one can get things exactly right on their first try -- not without a little help and insight from someone who's gone before you. But -- more often than not, people are hesitant to give away all their secrets. 

Not me. This course is 100% exactly the way that I've built my latest and most-successful business, without holding anything back. 

-Are you the woman who is procrastinating because of perfection and you need all the steps in place in order to get started? I've got you girl!, because I was once that girl too and I've created this course to take you step-by-step through all 7 modules.

-Are you the woman who jumped into business without having a plan? You're just doing things "flying by the seat," and you need a little more structure and foundation to get it running successfully? Yes, I was that girl too, but I've figured out a seamless process that works to start virtually any business, and I'm sharing it with you. 

-Are you the woman who "sort of" has an idea of what you want to build your business around, but you need more clarity and strategy to figure out your "niche business?" 

If you fit one of the profiles above, then this course is perfect for you! 


Your step-by-step plan of action to open the
(yes, even virtual) doors to the business of your dreams.

Who is 'The Signature Launch' Course for?

Hair Stylists, Online Clothing Boutiques, Macrame Artists, Event Planners, Subscription Based Businesses, Gift Box Owners, Oyster Apparel Designer, Artists, Wedding Planners, Virtual Assistants, Florists + Floral Designers, Stationers, Bakery Owners, Brick & Mortar Shop Owners, Jewelry Designers, Interior Designers & Decorators, Decorative Wall Finishers + And more......

And just who is Kendra?


I'm a wife and a mom--a daughter, sister, and friend-- and while each of those roles has great importance to me,  it's my role as a female business owner that has provided a path for self-sufficiency I never anticipated needing. 

Had I not pursued my own dreams and followed my instincts, passions and talents -- I could've found myself in a very different position when my marriage ended and I needed to care for myself and my two infant daughters. 

All too often, I hear of women who don't go for their dreams because of their responsibilities -- but it's because of these responsibilities (namely our children and our families) that we should pursue them. To show that with hard work, determination and our God-given talents, we can create some really wonderful things. 

Giving women a platform to share their passions, pursuits and products with a supportive community of other women provides the opportunity to help move an entire generation of women forward.

I started my first business as an interior designer & high-end custom wall finisher in a 400 sq. ft. old bait shop. Now, 10 years later I've built 5 other businesses, succeeded, failed, sold some, closed others and just plain walked away from the one that made me miserable, but with those five I've mastered the foundations to building businesses. Over and over, I hear from my clients....""your superpower is taking a business concept and growing it to massive success with beautiful branding and strategic processes."

It's time to bring that biz to the real world, girl.

Covering everything from foundational planning and goal setting to the legal way to set up your business, and getting start-up capital. Plus all the good stuff in between like identifying your ideal customer, and creating your website and valuable vendor relationships.


Have a vision and big idea for what you want to create? GOOD. We’ll set goals and build the foundational structure of your business, so that you can hit the ground running, confident in where you're headed.


I’ll show you how to connect with your ideal client with beautiful branding, well-curated product offerings and easy-to-engage setup, whether on your website or in social media.


Last but surely not least, we'll walk through the logistical and financial side of running a business in a way that turns profit and leads in to long-term, sustainable  growth.


Module 1: Foundations & Goals - Introducing my Signature Goals System, my top worksheets + processes you can use to start any business, taking you through the important foundational steps to gain clarity, and organizational tools for what's most important to get your business started and growing.

Module 2: Setting Up Your Business Legally - Taking you through my strategic naming worksheets for your business, the process for registering in your state, filing for your legal business numbers and filing & registering your name with the IRS.

Module 3: Identifying Your Customer - Deep diving into your business "type," creating your perfect client story so you know exactly who you're talking to, building a beautiful branding board, and a few of my favorite exercises for clear brand messaging.

Module 4: Financial Format & Startup Capital - Developing + identifying your money mindset, teaching you my process for budgeting and profit forecasting, introduction to my pricing & margins calculators, plus optional financing options while naviagting your startup funds. 

Module 5: Platforms, Tools & Vendors - How to choose the right platform for your business, how to present your business in a way that makes your sales process easy and enjoyable for your ideal client, and how to manage your inventory & buying processes. 

Module 6: Supplies, Photography and Displays - My favorite tools + supplies for marketing your business visually whether in person or online, and my best techniques and secrets for merchandising your business to increase sales. 

Module 7: How to Grow and Expand Your Boutique Brand- Discussions on how to take your business to the next level with strategic tier planning and additional offerings. Phew, okay, what's next?

BONUSES - Complete lessons on social media and pre-launch strategy.


My complete social media & content calendar templates to help you get started efficiently. 


Showing you how to strategically build up excitement & demand during pre-launch.

The Boutique in a Box Course is valued at more than $4,195

Even with the incredible value this is still an investment that might be a bit hard to swing in one shot! I get it.....Because I know the impact this can have on your success, I wanted to give you a few pricing options to get you started immediately. 



My 'How to Quickly Cashflow Your Business to Get It Started' Worksheets


My Signature '10 Ways to Expand Your Boutique Business' Workbook


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Business Accelerator Plan





+Over $3000 in bonus workbooks & training calls at no additional cost

+VIP Private Facebook Community with in-depth coaching videos

+Immediate & lifetime access to the course dashboard

+7 Modules to build your business foundation

+PDF worksheets designed to take you step-by-step through the course

+14-day Money Back Guarantee. Terms Apply.

+Easy Payment Plan with Extra Bonuses

(Save 18%)



+Over $3000 in bonus workbooks & training calls at no additional cost

+VIP Private Facebook Community with in-depth coaching videos

+Immediate & lifetime access to the course dashboard

+7 Modules to build your business foundation

+PDF worksheets designed to take you step-by-step through the course

+14-day Money Back Guarantee. Terms Apply.

+One-time Easy Payment & Savings of almost $200!

+ The woman who is procrastinating because of perfection. You need all the steps in place in order to get started. I've got you girl!, because I was that girl too and I've created this course to hold your hand and take you step-by-step through all 7 modules.

+The woman who jumped in to business without having a "plan". You are just doing things "flying by the seat" and you need a little more structure and foundation to get it running successfully. 

+The woman who "sort of" has an idea of what she wants to build her business around, but needs more clarity and strategy to figure out your niche business. 

If you fit one of the profiles above, then this course is perfect for you! 

Once you enroll in the course, you'll receive a Welcome email and access to the course. You will also receive a private invitation to our exclusive VIP course community. This will help you get oriented in the course and community, and will lay the foundation for what’s to come in the lessons.   

You'll get an email sharing what Module + Lessons are opening as every 2 days a new Module is released!

Yes, absolutely! I understand that you may want to join now, but not have a chance to get through all of the material right away, so you can rest assured, you'll always have access to the course material – even if you don’t get to it right away!

Anytime I update the program or add new bonuses or material, you get access to ALL of it WITHOUT having to pay any additional fees. Yay for you!

Yes! If you follow along and commit to doing the work, ask me questions when you’re stuck and take action, you'll have all the tools, skills and resources that you need to continuously create a business that is set up for success in a way that you’ll be proud to show off.

Rome wasn't built in a day and my favorite quote is "little by little, a little becomes a lot." You have to get started to be GREAT!

Everyone moves through the lessons at a different pace. In the Introduction Video of Module 1, I created a weekly calendar for you to follow if you’d like and most days you’ll only need 20-30 minutes to stay on track for completion.  

Some weeks will be less than that and other weeks will be more, but you'
ll have lifetime access to all of the lessons, so if you get behind, no worries! This course was built for you to follow along if you'd like or go at your own pace.

Just be sure you're using my favorite Signature Goals System (in Module 1) to set some mean goals! 


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